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Game of Sound – (by Conway’s Game of Life)

Game of Sound by Conway's Game of Life The Game of Sound is a small project of mine where I combined a simple 11 by 16 step sequencer with the principles of Conway's Game of Life. I used Max/MSP to program it and simple FM-synthesis to create the sounds. Game of [...]

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How to Write a Song: Pop Song Structure

How to Write a Song Pop Song Structure At a given point in every song writing process you have to start thinking about the song structure. Most of the time, we decide on how our song structure should look like intuitively. In many cases our intuition is based on the thousand and thousand [...]

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How to Write Magical Song Lyrics

How to Write Magical Song Lyrics Learning how to write magical song lyrics is a long process that not only takes practice but also life experience. Nevertheless, sometimes you stumble upon things that open your eyes, motivate and inspire and help you to take big step in your development. The following four videos made [...]

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How to Make the Right Study Choice

How to Make the Right Study Choice One of the most important decisions you have to make in your life is the choice of your studies. Therefore, this choice should be made consciously and independent of social conditioning. It is common and a well-known stereotype that young people often study a specific subject to live [...]

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Bach’s Prelude No.1 For Cello ( Guitar Cover )

Bach's Prelude No.1 For Cello ( Guitar Cover ) Recording and Mixing Recently I had to make a mono recording of an instrument for my study. The goal was to pick a good microphone and microphone position to make the best recording of the sound source and the room around it. I selected [...]

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15 Helpful Websites for Writing Lyrics

15 Helpful Website for Writing Lyrics When it comes to lyric writing, the internet can be a really helpful and powerful tool. Sometimes, you need to look up words or find inspiration. On other occasions, you are searching for synonyms or just a catchy rhyme for the hook you are writing. No matter what [...]

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Synesthesia: Can you teach yourself to hear colors or see music?

Synesthesia Can you teach yourself to hear colors or see music? For a long time I have been asking myself whether it is possible to teach myself to hear colors or see music. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting TED Talk that answered my question to some extend. But before we jump [...]

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How to Use the Circle of Fifths

How to Use the Circle of Fifths On how to understand the circle of fifths and apply it in musical situations I am a person who enjoys learning and applying methods with the motivation to improve my outcome in any situation. Learning an instrument you come across hundreds and thousands of tips and [...]

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