Binaural Hypnosis

Extreme Binaural Beats

Binaural Hypnosis is the fruit of making binaural beats as powerful as possible. With binaural beats there is a sine wave on the left and one on the right channel. the difference between the frequencies of the right and left sine creates the beat. For this track I was experimenting not only with a beating between the right and the left channel but also an additional beating within the right and within the left ear itself.

Please wear headphones while listening.

1 Hz Delta Waves Binaural Hypnosis

In this track I added a lower octave to binaural beat. Make sure to use high quality headphones to hear massaging low frequency beatings.

2 Hz Delta Waves Binaural Hypnosis

4 Hz Theta Waves Binaural Hypnosis

L: 26,7 Hz,  107 Hz, 111 Hz

R: 27,2 Hz, 109 Hz, 113 Hz