Strong Determination Sitting

Strong Determination Sitting Enlightenment Fastlane 60 Minutes Guided Strong Determination Sitting 120 Minutes Guided Strong Determination Sitting 60 Minutes No Guidance 120 Minutes No Guidance 240 Minutes No Guidance The Text Strong determination sitting. Welcome to ## of strong determination sitting, the fastest way to enlightenment [...]

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Binaural Hypnosis

Binaural Hypnosis Extreme Binaural Beats Binaural Hypnosis is the fruit of making binaural beats as powerful as possible. With binaural beats there is a sine wave on the left and one on the right channel. the difference between the frequencies of the right and left sine creates the beat. For this track [...]

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Concentration Meditation 3D Audio

Concentration Meditation This audio track is design to function as an object of focus for a concentration meditation session. The goal of concentration meditation is to narrow the focus of attention on a chosen object and to hold it steady for as long as you can. Practicing it will train your mind to [...]

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