Enlightenment Quotes || Powerful Oneliners from Spiritual Masters

Enlightenment Quotes Powerful Oneliners from Spiritual Masters This is a collection of 70+ very potent enlightenment quotes from spiritual masters throughout time starting with the Buddha, over Socrates and Plato, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle and even Yoda and more. (Video below) Listen to these quotes with the knowing, that truth can [...]

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How to Reconnect to Life

How to Reconnect to Life Through Music We live in a fast paced world. Everything is rushing, running. Bling, beep goes your phone. Another commercial here, there. You are not good enough, buy this product. My head is spinning. That is the mind going in hyperdrive thinking it needs to get somewhere. [...]

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Drown In Love || Rain Music || Soothing Relaxing Thunder Storm Dream

Drown In Love || Rain Music  Soothing Relaxing Thunder Storm Dream Subscribe to This Musical Journey: http://bit.ly/2TgBm1R Drown Yourself in Yourself and the Truth will Float. Only if we fully experience what we are, every corner of our being, can we know the absolute truth. #meditationmusic #thunder #rain

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African Kalimba Meditation Music

African Kalimba Meditation Music Minimal Drone Music African Kalimba Drone Meditation Music - This is an improvised produced Kalimba track for meditation. The Kalimba used is a Zawose Kalimba from Tanzania. I got into a meditative state while playing this and almost forgot who I was.

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