Concentration Meditation 3D Audio

  • 60 Min Concentration Meditation

Concentration Meditation

This audio track is design to function as an object of focus for a concentration meditation session. The goal of concentration meditation is to narrow the focus of attention on a chosen object and to hold it steady for as long as you can. Practicing it will train your mind to let go of all distractions and become sharper and sharper. Your mind is a muscle. It requires repetition to train it. Never be disappointed when your mind wanders or your concentration is not as it was the last time. Always stay equanimous and smilingly return to the object if you catch yourself drifting off.

In higher stages concentration states can be very pleasant to the body, can alter your perception of reality but most importantly a steady focus can help you to sort out the internal reality and thereby the reality at large to ultimately reach full enlightenment. Always see concentration practice as sharpening the tool for insight and never as a means to reach pleasant states or acquire siddhis. They are just a byproduct and should not become fodder for the ego.

3D Audio

Follow the sound is an audio track that is designed to be used as an object for concentration meditation but at the same time interesting enough for the mind to not wander of. That is accomplished by offering an evolving synth sound that floats around in a 3D audio environment. The 3D space was created using the dearVR Pro plugin from Plugin Alliance.

Choose a timeframe, sit down and focus on the sound like a cat focusses on a mouse hole anticipating it’s pray chasing out every split second.

Follow the Sound 30 Mins

Follow the Sound 60 Mins

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