Free Compressor, Limiter, Gate & Expander VST Plugins

Free Dynamic VST Plugins

Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Expander, Exciter

Free Compressor VST Plugin

Before spending too much money on expensive compressor VST plugins or downloading them illegally go through this list of free VST plugins and download and test out free alternatives first. I weeded through hundreds of pages to find these compressor, limiter, expander, gate and exciter VST plugins. The ones that are printed bold, I find most noteworthy and use myself, so check them first or if you are in a rush.

Free Dynamic VST Plugin List

Name Type System
Modern Series Compressor/Limiter/De-Esser/Expander/Exiter Windows
Mcompressor, Mlimiter <- Windows, Mac
SweetboyVST Multiband Compressor, Limiter Windows
FishPhones Comp, De-Esser, Limiter, Expander Windows, Mac
Normalizer Normalizer Windows, Mac
TDR Compressor, Proximity, Bus Compressor Windows, Mac
RoughRider Comperssor Windows, Mac
BitterSweet Transient Shaper Windows, Mac
Free87 Series Comp, Gate, EQ, L Windows, Mac
Pluginboutique Collection Various Windows, mac
Stiptool VU Meter, Compressor, Gain Windows
TDR Feedback Compressor Windows, Mac
DC1A Klanghelm Compressor Windows, Mac
Compressor AC1 Compressor Windows
LoudMax Maximizer Windows, Mac
Don’t Crack All Kinds of VST’s Windows, Mac
Limiter No6 Limiter Windows, Mac
Transient Transient Designer Windows, Mac
TDR Kotelnikov Compressor Windows, Mac

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