Theta Binaural Beats – Moon Orbit Frequency

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THETA Binaural Beats -🌜MOON Orbital Frequency

Listen To Planets

Earth Day Frequency – Binaural Beat

Please wear headphones for optimal effect.

Keep the volume low


You are listening to Moon’s
orbital frequency
raised to the spectrum
of human hearing

In Astrological teachings
the Moon represents
emotions and deep needs

The carrier frequency of this beat
is 210,42 Hz the 29th octave
of Moon’s orbital frequency

The binaural beat frequency
is 6,57 Hz the 23rd octave
of Moon’s orbital

6,57 Hz is in the range of
theta brainwaves which are
active in meditation

Therefore this recording
is a tool for
deep emotional healing

relax and allow
suppressed emotions
to surface

allow emotions


More info about planetary frequencies:

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