What You Can Expect of This Blog

What You Can Expect of This Blog

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Back in 2011, when I was still a little green behind my ears and studying at the school of art in Utrecht (NL), I started a blog and named it AKingsMercury. I was motivated to share what I was learning from the endeavor to understand and create music. Besides, I was greedily planning to make some money of all the amazing stuff I had to say, which I did, but far less than I had expected.

Nonetheless, I celebrated successes like the two articles, 210 awesome open guitar chords and the complete free sample library list that went viral and attracted more than 230k visitors. It took me more than a week to collect all 210 open chords and numerous evenings to research the free sample library list but that was precisely the reason why these two articles were by far the most shared and visited sites of my blog. With them I took the time to actually create unique value instead shoving another half-baked fluff post down the already swollen throat of the Internet.

To EarMonk

Now, I am a little wiser but still dump enough to try again to succeed at generate enough buzz around my writing and music to reap the monetary rewards necessary to make ends meet. Even though, I finished my official studies I still and ever will study music and I will keep using this blog to share the lessons I have learned. I invite you to chime in on my exploration of music as well as all the income possibilities the Internet provides to music artists like you and me. Join my email list and get (besides some digital gold nuggets) updates on my pursuit of cracking the code of music success.

This post is the first ever written solely for EarMonk.com. Every post before this one was moved over from AKingsMercury.com. So, now I officially launch *closing eyes*, *snare roll* 3, 2, 1, here we go …


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And Beyond

So, to clear it up here is what you can expect of EarMonk in the coming years:

  • More beautiful guitar chords (I love them)
  • More Resources (free stuff)
  • More about my side projects (like e.g. librarysound)
  • My attempts at cracking the code to viral music on different platforms
  • More on earning money online through music
  • More about EarMonk!!!

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