Ying Yang Series

Improvised Music for Meditation

741 Hz || Purge Toxins & Cleanse Aura || Minimal Meditation Music || Ying Yang Series || 8D Audio

Healing Tones 741 Hz – Purge Toxins & Cleanse Aura This frequency is panned in 8D audio The piano and bass are improvised or channeled and the music is created from a meditative space. Follow me into this space to heal yourself from stress and worries.

210.42 Hz Moon Frequency || Lunar Healing || Full Moon Meditation Music || Ying Yang Series

#Moon #Healing #Emotions

210.42 Hz Moon Frequency || Lunar Healing || Full Moon Meditation Music || Ying Yang Series

This music is created from a space of deep meditation.


You are listening to Moon’s

orbital frequency

raised to the spectrum

of human hearing

In Astrological teachings

the Moon represents

emotions and deep needs

The carrier frequency of this beat

is 210,42 Hz the 29th octave

of Moon’s orbital frequency

The binaural beat frequency

is 6,57 Hz the 23rd octave

of Moon’s orbital

6,57 Hz is in the range of

theta brainwaves which are

active in meditation

Therefore this recording

is a tool for

deep emotional healing

relax and allow

suppressed emotions

to surface

allow emotions

7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance || Digital World || Reconnect to Earth || Theta Binaural Beat

Binaural Beat: 7.83Hz
Schuman Resonance: Frequency of the Earth
Alpha Brainwave: Relaxation, Visualisation, Creativity

L: 103Hz
R: 110.83Hz
Average: 108Hz
Second octave below 432Hz

Connect to Mother Earth 😃


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