Free Snaps and Claps Sample Pack

100+ Dry Samples / 16 bit 44 kHz

free snaps and clap samplesYou are a T-rex and sad because you can’t pimp your tracks with cool snaps and clap sounds? Then don’t despair little fella, help is near!

I mean, who isn’t in need of some good natural clap and snap samples? I am, constantly and that is why I recorded this cool snaps and claps sample pack including 100+ samples. You will get 50 unique clap and 50 snap sound plus some processed sounds that I created with this sample pack. All clap and snap samples are 44 kHz and 16 bit and are recorded in a dry and spacious room! So, don’t wait and join my email list to get free access to this pack as well as jazz drum loops, a kalimba Kontakt instrument, nature sounds and more. There will be no spam, just occasional updates on content comparable to this one and valuable music production tips.



Free Claps&Snaps Sample Pack

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