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Become a


Music Producer

This weblog is dedicated to everyone who wants to become a well-rounded music producer and wants to learn how to make money from it online. Additionally, I will grant you some insights into the project work and musical outpourings of my humble self, the EarMonkster.

Learn About Music

Under the Learn tab you find a variety of courses I designed for everyone interested in studying topics like solmization, sight-reading and rhythm training.

Music Composition

Want to learn about music composition? Check out the categories composition, music theory, singing and guitar!

Music Production

Interested in music production? Find valuable information in the music production, and music technology categories!

My Stock Music

Besides posting on this blog I also compose (stock) music for many purposes. If you want to use one or several in a project of yours, go and check out my portfolio on Audiojungle.

  • Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands.
  • Part of custom music Spoon Sound a collective of composers and sound designers for media projects. Contact us if you need custom sound & music.
  • Working at a music television channel as an audio engineer and voice over artist for the german channel.
  • Composing stock music on stock music Audiojungle and writing on this blog, obviously.

Who is Writing?

Glad you asked! Let me introduce myself briefly.

My name is Dario and I am 26 years old, born in Germany but currently living in the Netherlands. I am a composer and passionate about music, music production, composition, all kinds of instruments, reading, writing, technology and more. I enjoy writing about and teaching this subjects and that’s why I’m here.

I hope you enjoy your stay and don’t hesitate to contact me if you like to collaborate or have any questions.


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