7 Day Meditation Course

Meditation for Beginners & Masters

This is a short 7 day meditation course for beginners, intermediates and masters. Each day there is a 20 minutes long meditation preferably held in the morning. The meditation introduces a practice that can be continued throughout the day if appropriate. Each technique can be a valuable tool in the journey towards the deeper parts of your self. The most simple techniques turn out to be the most profound ones.


Day 1 – How to Sit Still

Day 1: Sitting Still Today we practice sitting as still as we can without moving our body for the slightest. Being completely still as a rock allows us to fall into deep states of concentration which is a crucial part of meditation. Completely freeze!

Day 2 – How to Observe Thoughts

Day 2: How to Observe Thoughts Today we practice observing our thoughts. One way of pulling the plug out of terrorising though-patterns is to become the observe of them. We realize that we are not our thoughts which calms us down and reconnects us with what is true beyond our thinking.

Day 3 – How to Observe the Breath

Day 3: How to Observe your Breath Today we practice observing our breath. The breath is always with you from the moment you are born to the moment you leave this plane of existence. That alone is a hint that our breath is something very essential and true. The breath is a doorway to our true self. In this meditation we explore our breath and how it influences our state of consciousness.

Day 4 – I Love Myself Mantra

Day 4: I Love Myself Mantra Today we work with the mantra “I love myself”. A mantra is a phrase that is repeated over and over again in our head to concentrate and calm the mind. Using the phrase “I love myself ” as a mantra adds another energetic dimension to the practice. It induces a very pleasant feeling in our bodies and it reprograms the mind.

Day 5 – How to Space Out

Day 5: How to Space Out Today practice spacing out or focussing on space. This practice puts your attention in a position where it doesn’t focus on anything in particular which in result stops the judgement of your mind and leaves you in a position where healing can take place and a enlightenment experience can occur.

Day 6 – Walking Meditation

Day 6: Walking Meditation Today practice a walking meditation. Walking meditation is a powerful technique to practice concentration and awareness over movements. Schooling this sense helps you to master physical skills like yoga, dancing, playing and instrument. Besides that it is also a tool to enter deeper states of consciousness.

Day 7 – How to Observe the Body

Day 7: How to Observe the Body Observing the body is one of the most powerful spiritual technique that I came across over the years. You can place your focus on different levels of your body (physical, emotional, subtle body). In this video we explore what observing your body means in your direct experience.

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