Chakra Healing Through Earth Elements

Earth Water Fire Air

A series of 4 music compositions using the 4 elements earth, water, fire, air and their connecting chakras root, sacral, solar plexus, heart as an inspiration. These compositions work with frequency technology and healing sounds. They can be used for meditation, relaxation, yoga or shamanic healing work.

228 Hz | Earth Element | Root Chakra Healing | Shamanic Hypnosis | 8D Meditation

#shamanic #rootchakra #earth

This track is a powerful shamanic hypnosis for meditation. It’s goal is to ground you to the earth and heal your root chakra area.

The Following healing elements are used:

228 Hz Isochronic Tone (Root Chakra)

Slow Shamanic Drums

Sounds of the Earth and Rocks

Dripping Cave Soundscape

Low Om Vocals

Overtone Singing

Shamanic Shaker

8D Audio Sound Technology (360 Sound)

303 Hz | Water Element | Sacral Chakra Healing | Guitar Wash | 8D Meditation Music

#waterelement #sacralchakra #8D

This is powerful healing music for the sacral chakra area; In the gut and stomach we store repressed emotions and feelings. Let them be washed away by the sound of water 303 Hz frequencies.

The Following sound elements are used:

303 Hz based isochronic tone in the theta brainwave spectrum (~7Hz)

Water sounds

Electric Guitar Ambience

8D Audio technology (360 surround)

My Voice

Low Bass Drone

364 Hz | Fire Element | Awaken Power | Solar Plexus Chakra | Shamanic Healing | 8D Meditation

#fireelement #power #shamanic
This track is powerful activation music for the solar plexus chakra through the fire element. Through the solar plexus we get access to our power, sovereignty and strength of mind.

This music uses the following healing elements:
364 Hz isochronic tone
Shamanic drums
Low Male Vocals
Electric Guitar (distortion)
Bass guitar
A Gong
Fireside sound recordings

639 Hz | Air Element | Heart Chakra Opening | Wind Chimes | 8D Meditation

#airelement #heartchakra #healing
This track is composed around the theme of the air element. The Air element is connected to the heart chakra. The frequency for the heart chakra is 639 Hz. Use this composition as you wish, to heal and relax and come back to yourself. Enjoy.

The following musical elements are used.
639Hz isochronic tone
wind chimes
wind sound samples
bird sound samples
male voice breathing and sounds
synth pads
singing bowl in F for the heart
8D Audio Technology

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