Astral Projection Guide

A Gateway to Consciousness

Astral Projection Occurs Naturally

We just need to learn to get our mind out of the way

When we open up to it, let go of fear, and invite it through practice and routines

It will naturally become part of our range of experience

In Some Miraculous Way

Your path led you here, now

There are no accidents in the universe

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The 3 Parts of the Astral Projection Guide

Presented By Your Guide Dario of Earmonk

Through This Guide You’ll

lose fears of transitioning into astral projection

overcome roadblocks that freeze your progress

learn how to move into the right brainwave states for astral travel

have access to a list of best practices

learn how to integrate astral projection into your daily life

… and more

This Guide is for You 

You feel a deep longing for something beyond your day-to-day experience

You are open minded and feel a calling to discover your internal world

You are fascinated by the spiritual world and the workings of your mind

You feel an unexplainable magnetic pull towards this guide

3 More Reasons

Busting Roadblocks

On your astral projection journey

there will be many roadblocks that can prevent you from going further

In this guide we’ll address a number of common roadblocks

To save you unnecessary hustle and detours

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As a bonus you’ll get the Lucid Dreaming School

Containing 4 guided lucid dreams

It is possible to start astral projection

from inside a lucid dream

Give it a try

Stream & Earn


Downloadable Audio Astral Projection Guide

Mastery over the mind mechanics that enable astral projection

Streamlined towards self-realization, liberation and truth

Integratable with common day-to-day living

3 GB of .mp3 files 20h+ content

15 audio tracks of Intellectual Framework (+ exercises)

5 Astral Projection Preparation Guided Meditations

8+1 Guided Astral Travel Meditations

Bonus 4 guided lucid dreaming tracks

Monthly Zoom Q&A around the full moon period

Astral Projection (Audio) Guide

$70($120 before discount)
  • 33 .mp3 audio files – 20h+ content
  • Intellectual – 256.8 MB
  • Astral Projection – 169.0 MB
  • Astral Projection – 2.4 GB
  • Lucid Dreaming – 1.08 GB
  • Monthly Zoom Q&A Session
  • Discount Code $50 off: mw8fgpu