Breathing Background Meditation for Everyday Purposes

Meditate While Being Active

Welcome to the breathing background meditation. This is a tool that helps you stay focused on your breathing while taking a walk, cleaning the house, communing to work, traveling, just doing nothing or whatever activity you want to combine it with. There will be no background music in case you need to be auditorily available to your environment.

The meditation is simple, follow your breathing pattern and don’t get lost in thoughts. But as we all know it’s easier said then done. I often set the intention to meditate while traveling but just as regularly the intention is forgotten once an appealing thought-stream enters my field of awareness.

Therefore, this recording gives you a structural framework in which your intention to meditate will be reinforced every so often by a friendly verbal reminder.

First, lets set the intention, like for example, “I will meditate on my breath from the time I leave my house till I enter the building of my work. If I find myself lost in thoughts, I will kindly remind myself to stay focused on my breathing”. Formulate your own intention fitting to your situation.

Good. Now let’s get started. Find a field of focus as narrow as comfortable, like for example the flow of air through your nostrils, or the movement of chest bone. Whatever feels comfortable to you. Experiment for a while but then decide and stick to it.

Let go of your story and follow your breathing

Stay on your breath

Focus on the natural pattern of your breathing

Let go of your thoughts and breath

Back to the breath

The thought might seem important but right now following your breath has the highest priority.


Stay with your breath.

Feel the flow of your breath.

Drop that thought and follow your natural breath

Don’t manipulate your breath, just observe it.

Observe your breathing

Follow your natural breathing pattern.

Remember your intention.

Be nice to yourself when you get sucked in my thoughts, return to your breath


Let it go and stay on your breath.


Follow your breath

Concentrate on the flow of air

Breathing keeps you alive, give it some credit.

You’re task today is follow your breath.

Give your thinking a break and breathe.

Focus on breathing,

Breathe you are alive.

Focus on the natural pattern of your breathing

Leave your story alone and focus.

Is that thought really that important? Breathing keeps you alive!

Breathing connects you to your environment, thoughts separates you from it.

Stay with your precious breath.

Let your thoughts rest.

Stick to your initial decision and follow the breath.

Today is the day you stayed with your breathing.

Now is the only time you can do this exercise.

Hey you, come back to your breath.


In and out.

Breath your thoughts away.

Your mind is a maze, your breathing is way out of it.

Whenever you feel confused, focus on your breath.

Whenever you feel defeated, focus on your breath.

Whenever you feel like you want to give up, focus on your breath.

Breathing gives you stability in your life.

Breathing is always there for you.

Follow the flow of air.

Leave your thinking alone.

Stay on your breathing.

Stay with your intention.

How does your mind try to convince you otherwise this time? Don’t fall for it, breathe.

Follow your breath.

Your breath is a reflection of your mental/emotional state.

Relax into your breath.

Breath to relax.

Thoughts, no. Breath, yes.

Good job, one more time back to your breathing.

Let the breath be what it is. Observe.

Everything flows, breathe.

Your breath is the most intimate thing, if you want to get to know yourself better, study your breathing.

Investigate your breathing.

Be curious about your breath.

Become a student of the flow of air through your nostrils.


Good Job.

Thank yourself for choosing to invest in your peace of mind.

Thank you.


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