Work With Me

Dario “EarMonk”

Let me remind you what is always already true in you. Let me show you how your spirit is already working through you in your life. I invite you into my space of being so that the synergy of our souls can function as a catalyst for a deeper realization of yourself as spirit.

You don’t need to change to be yourself. Only the perspectives and traumas of the world can distort your view of reality. In my sessions besides the resonance based transmission of presence there is a focus on removing old mental programs and blocks through holding space, sharing counter perspectives and broader viewpoints.

The absolute works together with the relative like two arrows meeting in mid-air. – Zen Buddhism

In a session with me there will be time and space for:

  • guidance towards a realization of who you really are beyond the constructs of your mind (self realization)
  • gaining clarity on that realization and the many implications it has
  • guidance in the process of integration of that realization in your earthly life

Session Structure

The session consists is separated into two parts:

Part 1: 45 Minute of talk and sharing where there is space for mind to gain clarity and energies to move as they do.

Part 2: 15 Minute of guided meditation starting with a phase of deprogramming and ending in a movement into silence and stillness.

(optional) The meditation will be recorded and sent to you for repetition if so desired.

1h Session with Dario

25Corona Discount
  • 45 min of satsang, space and deprogramming
  • 15 min of personalised guided meditation into silence
  • + recording of meditation for later use

Schedule a Session

All sessions are online only
Sessions take place via Zoom video.
You will receive a link by email at the time of your appointment.

Time slots for the session are available from

CET (Europe, Berlin): Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm 

GMT-4 (America, New York): Monday – Friday: 5 am – 1 pm 

If you would like a to book a session please message me via the form below or write an email to earmonkmusic [] gmail [.] com

Please mention one or two possible time slots in the time periods mentioned above.

I am more than happy to meet you in presence.