Delta Binaural Beats – Earth Rotation Frequency

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DELTA Binaural Beats – 🌎Earth Day Frequency

Listen to Planets

Earth Day Frequency – Binaural Beat
Please wear headphones for optimal effect.

Keep the volume low


You are listening to Earth’s
angular frequency
raised to the spectrum
of human hearing

The carrier frequency of this beat
is 48,54 Hz the 22nd octave of the
Earth Day frequency

This tone is said to
stimulate activity & dynamic
expression of the body

The binaural beat frequency
is 3,03 Hz the 18th octave
of the Earth-Day frequency

3,03 Hz is in the range of
delta brainwaves
which activates healing

Therefore this recording
is a tool for
dynamic healing

Heal through Movement


More info about planetary frequencies:


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