Be Art

The Awe Quality

Be art,

by that I don’t mean you need to change anything about yourself

What I mean is, see your being or existence as art just as it is right now.

The famous quote, “art lies in the eye of the beholder” captures it perfectly

The eye of the beholder, your consciousness, is where art is created

So to be art you have to see art

By perceiving art you create it

But my life sucks, how is this art?, you ask.

How do you know that it sucks? Only through comparing it to your ideas of what it should look like do you find that somehow something is wrong or lacking in any way. If you look at your life without your ideas, you can only perceive it as art. Nothing needs to change on the outside, only the quality of your looking changes by the dropping of your beliefs. Let me bring the quality of pure looking a little closer to you.

The motivation of an artist is to bring an object, which reflects something that he has observed in himself, into physical or non-physical form.

If someone perceives the work of art through her senses, and it touches her deeply, she is left in awe.

The state of awe, commonly rare, comes about when something pure buried deep inside of us is brought to the surface and it momentarily overpowers the everyday noise of our mind.

We are a mirror. When we see hate, as a response we perceive the hate within us. When we hear laughter, we naturally feel an urge to laugh, too. When we see beauty and purity, we come in contact with which is beautiful and pure within us. Everybody carries this quality inside, no matter who you are. Lets call it the awe quality and the looking in awe.

You maybe already get a better sense for what I am talking about.

We become what we spend the most time with. Perceive your life in awe and the spark of beauty and purity within you will grow until it infuses your entire being.

By perceiving art you become it.

By becoming it, you naturally create it.

Art is the highest form of human expression.

Most of our doing and creation is motivated by survival and survival is driven by fear; fear of the death of our bodies, fear of loosing our identities, fear of being wrong about our ideas of the world around us. We judge that which is foreign so that our ways remain the right in our heads. We neglect our natural inspiration and follow the path of easy survival. We pay the price of loosing the art within us.

The expression of art on the other hand is divorced from the drive of fear and survival. It stems from a different place within us. Art is an urge to worship the beauty of life through our creativity. By that we become a fearless creator of beauty and with that acknowledge the divine nature of our being. The more we do so, the more we return to our natural pure state.

You don’t need to study art, get a degree and spend years and years of perfecting your craft according to human standards.

You only have to perceive yourself, perceive the world around you and life itself as a work of art, in awe now!

By perceiving art you become it.

By becoming it, you naturally create it.

Be art.


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