How to Reconnect to Life

Through Music

We live in a fast paced world. Everything is rushing, running. Bling, beep goes your phone. Another commercial here, there. You are not good enough, buy this product. My head is spinning. That is the mind going in hyperdrive thinking it needs to get somewhere. But this somewhere is nowhere to be found and will never be found.

Slowing down, stopping and reconnecting with life on the other hand will provide you with everything you need on all levels. Life is already perfect you just need to give it the chance to show that to you. Life moves slowly and the flip flopping mind just misses the train over and over again.

Reconnect to life by slowing down. Do it in your own way. A walk in nature, meditation or whatever works for you. I find that music can be a channel of deceleration. The deeper I get into meditation the more my mind slows down and that reflects in my music. Below you find a track I composed that communicates this movement in me to you. Listen to it, do nothing else. Lie down. Listen to it with a good pair of headphones, in bed in the evening, in the dark. Take your time, feel how the mind fights against the slowing down. Let it be and keep still anyway. Sink into the music and feel what it does to you, to your body and mind. Enjoy 🙂

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Life moves slowly, reconnect by slowing down. Follow the pace life gives you, stop forcing and ride the tide.

Listen to this music with quality headphones and ideally right before you go to bed, when your mind is already slowing down this track will make it slow down even further.

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Thanks to my friend Chris for the Africa desert shots.


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