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The Spoken Text

Strong determination sitting.

Welcome to ## of strong determination sitting, the fastest way to enlightenment , according to Shinzen Young at least. What have you gotten yourself into again? Anyway, I’ll be your guide today. I’ll help you to stay seated by shielding you from the cunning attacks of your ego. HAAA

(On this channel there is also a non-guided version where you are on your own.)

(This is the non-guided version. On this channel you also find a guided version where this voice over pops in from time to time to help you stay seated.)

Before we start, consider visiting the bathroom one more time. Done? Good. Also consider deactivating the Autoplay function on Youtube so you can stay seated without disturbance if you find yourself in a deep Samadhi at the end of this recording.

Now, find a comfortable, meditative position , slowly close your eyes and come to rest.

For the highest chances of success it is advisable to verbalize your strong determination to program your mind and feel the commitment. Repeat after me verbally or internally: “For the next ##” “with strong determination, I will stay seated” “I will keep this position and not move a limb” “I will not react to itches, discomfort or other stimuli” “as I know that they come and go as everything else” “For the next ## I will not react to my thoughts” “no matter how convincing they seem” “I will acknowledge but not react to my emotions” “As they pass through me and change like clouds in the sky”

Good! Now let’s get started. From now on you’ll hear a beep which we’ll use an object of concentration. Keep your focus relaxed but hold a slight interest in the sound.

(After the first hour you’ll hear a sound of nature to give you a slight feeling for time).

Take three deep breaths and relax.

(This is the last thing you’ll hear from me. May me force be with you)

Slowly scan your body from top to bottom and bottom to top a couple of times.

Now breath normally and rest your internal focus in the center of your head. Keep a slight awareness to the sound, like a child who is lying in bed in with closed eyes, listening to the voice of the father reading a good night story. Good.

You are doing it right. Just do what feels natural to you. Stop thinking about it, it’s not important.

Now, empty your mind. Let your life story fade away. Be here now.

Say no thank you to any story that might pop into your head.

It’s not important for now. Empty your mind.

Stop any manipulation of your breath, your posture or anything else. Just relax.

Keep your focus.

Stop that thought. Just drop it.

Allow yourself to be here, now.

See if you hold any judgment towards this practice. Let it go.

Is there any judgment towards this voice? Let it go.

Do you hold any judgment towards yourself? Let it go.

Do you hold any doubt in your mind that you can’t do it? That’s just your ego. It’s not you. Let it go. Good

See if you hold any slight fear in your body? Acknowledge it, don’t judge it. Let it be. Just observe it for a moment.

Hold your focus, relaxed and steady.

Let everything be as it is.

That thought, too, is not important.

Your body is fully capable of sitting for multiple hours without any harm. It’s only your ego. Don’t let it fool you.

Be present with what is.

Don’t move.

Stop all thought. Now.

Let it go.

Be the silence from which every sound arises. Undisturbed.

You might feel resistance in your body. It’s completely normal. Stay with it. It will come, and it will go. You stay seated.

Don’t resist the resistance.

Drop that thought.

Keep your focus.

Be the space in which everything appears. Un-moved. Undisturbed. Peaceful.

You are doing good!

This practice does suit you. Don’t let your ego trick you into believing you are not ready, or good enough now.

This is exactly what you need to do right now. Nothing else is important.

Let it go.

Stop your mind.

Be silent within.

Keep your focus.

Be natural.

This is not a practice, just sit.

What is the voice in your head trying to convince you of right now? Do you believe it?

Stop judging this situation.

Be still.

Let the discomfort be what it is. Don’t resist it. Good.

I know it seems convincing what the voice is saying. But let it go for now.

Stop all thoughts about the future.

Stop all thoughts about the past.

Be empty.

Stay focused.

In meditation we are all the same. Thousands of people sit in silence for hours every day and you can to. There is no reason why you can’t. it’s only your mind who wants to trick you out of it.

Drop it.

Be thought-free.

Keep your focus on the sound.


Not even that thought is important.

You might feel a strong sense of wanting to run away. This too shall pass after a while. Surrender to it, allow it and it will pass even faster.

Be still.

Be here, now.

You are not your mind, you don’t need to belief it.

Keep your focus.

Let it go.

Stop all judgment.

That thought is just a habit.

Are you the master over your mind?

You are this emptiness, your mind just doesn’t want you to see it.

Fall deeper into the space.

Slow down.

Drop any thought about how long you have already been sitting. You only sit here now. It’s always fresh.

Time is not real.

Time is just a concept. Let it go.

The resistance you feel is the resistance you constantly hold in your life. If you sit through it now, you won’t need to deal with it any longer.

Don’t resist the resistance.

Empty your mind.

Whatever you think about, it can wait. Put it aside.

Fall in love with the nothingness.

Fall in love with this situation.

Stay focused.

This is not a practice, you are just meeting life on a deeper level.

Running away is not an option. This is you.

Today is the day you stayed seated.

Learn to enjoy it.

Don’t believe that thought.

Allow yourself to be in this moment.

You are doing everything right. This too is completely normal.

Don’t move.

Is your mind sneaking up on you again? Stop it.

Stop all thought. Now.

Keep your focus.

Drop all ideas about what you are doing. Just sit.

Let it go.

Let it go.

Let it go.

Strong determination.

In face of any emotion. You stay still.

In face of any sensation. You stay non-reactive.

In face of any thought. You stay tranquil.


You are peace. It’s your true nature

You are stillness. It’s your true nature.

This is your nature. It is completely natural.

Stay focused.

Forget everything.

Let your mind go ……


The resistance comes in waves. You are always there. Sit through it.

Don’t move

Drop that thought.

How does your mind try to trick you this time?

This is not a competition. Just sit.

The mind likes to compare. Are you comparing? Drop it.

Are you thinking about time again?

There is no future.

There is no past.

Just this.

Just be.

Just be.

Be still.

Be still

Go deeper.

Let your focus relax.

Sink into nothingness.

No thoughts.

No movement.

Just silence

Just this.

We are slowly approaching the end of this recording. Stay seated if you like. Otherwise, deeply thank yourself for this time dedicated to silence. Before you open your eyes, rub your hands together and lay your palms over your eyes. Only then slowly open your eyes to get used to the light again. Thank you.

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