22 Contemplative Questions to Realize the Self and Consciousness

Who Am I?

Contemplation is one of the most direct ways to self-realization. Hold a contemplative question in mind over a long period of time and attempt to realize it in your direct experience (not in your thoughts). If you do so, you will feel a shift in your perception, including the perception of your body. Here is a list of 20 different questions that you can ask yourself to realize your true nature, the self and consciousness.

Contemplative Questions

  1. Who am I?

  2. Who is aware?

  3. Who is looking?

  4. Who is aware of awareness?

  5. Who is doing?

  6. Where does the “I” come from?

  7. What is Nothingness?

  8. What is consciousness?

  9. Who is conscious?

  10. Who was I before I was born?

  11. Who is hearing?

  12. Who is perceiving?

  13. What is silent?

  14. What is the container of your perception?

  15. What does not move?

  16. What did never change?

  17. Who is having this experience?

  18. To whom is life happening?

  19. Where is the source of your awareness?

  20. What is unkowable?

  21. Where are you in deep sleep?

  22. What is ever present?

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